Mask Advertising is currently one of the most trusted and reliable production companies in the UAE. Based in Ajman Freezone, our set up consists of the latest state of the art machines which caters to all types of indoor and outdoor printing services in additional to all types of branding and fabrication.

Our devotion to quality world class services has gained us the accreditation of several local and multinational clients who trusted our company on their branding related jobs.

We help our customer to build their brand by planning, building and managing their printed materials more effectively. Let us allow to quote your next printing project, and get the result which you have dreamed about.


Outdoor Digital Printing

Gain the advantage over your competition with our large format outdoor digital printing services – the most powerful tool to attract consumers’ attention. To dominate this marketplace, you need to communicate your message through unique, high-impact visual messages on a variety of large format mediums.

Whether above a busy street or crowded square, outdoor digital printing puts the spotlight on your marketing campaign to promote everything from events and venues to product launches and brand exposure. Mask Advertising can help you reach your target audience with its wide variety of durable outdoor digital printing media.

  • Unipole billboards: Offering long-distance visibility in high-traffic areas, your message can be viewed thousands of time per day by potential consumers.
  • Vehicle wrapping: Build brand awareness on every trip you make by turning your car, truck, van or your entire fleet into a mobile method of advertising.
  • Lamp post signs: An effective, easy to implement and effective form of outdoor advertising, lamp post signs are an ideal way to spread your campaign in areas with zoning restrictions.
  • One way vision: Turn your window or shop frontage into a billboard. They’re a great way to advertise on shop fronts whilst maintaining visibility and light.
  • Construction signs: Whether you require short term longer term building site barriers – let them see what you’re offering with site signage.
  • Backlit signs: Backlights are a great option for upgrading existing traditional billboards in premium locations or new signage in high-traffic areas with zoning restrictions.

Indoor Printing

Our quality large format printing is the perfect method of producing a wide variety of (digital ) prints for indoor use. Trade show graphics, retail signs, banners, backlit graphics, window graphics, custom wallpaper murals and wall graphics, and floor decals are all examples of the types of large format printing we produce in this category.

Indoor Printing – The Benefits Of Indoor Printing!
A business can use indoor printing to encourage new customers to buy a certain product or service. By using indoor digital printing at trade shows, many businesses and people have made more sales than they expected and attracted many potential customers.

Indoor Printing Services Provide Fast Service
An outstanding indoor printing services provider can offer banners, signs, detailed lists, pictures and wall graphics at exceptional prices. Many times, a printing services provider can have a large amount of different advertisements printed very quickly, and a person usually gets their advertisements within several days or several weeks after they design them and order them.

Outstanding Designs
Having designs and graphics that entice and encourage new customers is very important. An indoor digital printing services provider can produce trade show graphics, custom wallpaper murals and floor decals with designs and graphics that can really get a person interested in a particular business, product or service.

If you’re looking for the best printing services around, check out Mask Advertising. Mask Advertising offers a wide variety of different printing services, and the company has a proven track record of successful promotion by using its printing services. Mask Advertising provides exceptional customer service, low prices, incredible designs and graphics, easy ordering for small orders and large orders and much more.

Construction & Fabrication

Sign Fabrication and Construction is a both versatile and cost effective method of advertising. It can be used for either short or long term purposes and can be placed in virtually any strategic location to draw attention of potential customers with high-impact visual interest. With something as important as your message and signage, you cannot afford to take chances with unprofessional signs.

Our experienced fabricators understand how important quality is to success. One of the best aspects of sign construction and fabrication is that the aesthetic options are nearly endless. No matter what scale, location or design you may have in mind, Mask Advertising can create the perfectly tailored sign to promote your business or marketing campaign. Exterior signage is as unique as your personality.

At Mask Advertising we bring your designs to life using the most efficient process possible to not only build a great look but remain cost effective. Whether a post and panel, monument, building name, directional or any other sign we can create what you need. Our weather can be particularly harsh on any structure, and your business signs are no exception. Located in Dubai, we understand the damage salt air and high winds can do.

This is why we only use top quality materials and proven techniques in order to provide you with a better product that will outlast the conditions. Mask Advertising uses the some of the most advanced sign manufacturing equipment and techniques in the industry for construction and fabrication signage that has a demonstrated record of withstanding the elements for many years.